Lombok, a place where the sun always shines.

Lombok is the sister island of Bali. Lombok is a destination that is sought after by every adventure lover, be it a diver, surfer, beach-lover or mountain lover. Lombok offers a treat for every single visitor. You need enough time to explore every corner of the exotic island.  

Gunung Rinjani (Mount Rinjani)

Is one of three blessed mountains beside Gunung Semeru in Central Java and Gunung Agung in Bali. The Rinjani volcano also has an outstanding reputation worldwide for its breathtaking natural landscapes. Especially the emerald, pine-fringed crater lake Segara Anak, which is normally used as a campsite. There are three starting points for visitors, namely the Desa Sembalun (Sembalun village), the Senaru route and the Aik Berik route.

Gunung Rinjani from Gili Gede

Trio Gili

The three islands of Gili off the west coast of Lombok is an absolute must for Lombok visitors. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are popular destinations for many tourists. Gili Trawangan, the largest of the Gili Islands, is the most coveted island of travelers. This Island, is also called Party Island, and offers a variety of fully equipped accommodations. However, if you are looking for some quite place, you have the opportunity to travel to Gili Meno or Gili Air. I personally liked Gili Meno much better than Gili T or Gili A., but again is all about what you are looking for. Despite everything, the Gillis trio are overcrowded with the guests arriving by speedboat daily from Bali. There is a speedboat connection from Padang Bali, East Bali to Gili T.

Gili Meno

Gili Gede

Gili Gede means “big island” and the island is approx. 4km long and varies from 300m to 1.5km in width. There are five main villages on the island; Tanjungan, Labuan Cenik, Orong Bukal, Pengametan and Gedang Siang. The locals are generally fishermen or boat builders or both and are seen daily repairing their nets, boats and motors. The predominant, mother tongue, language spoken by the people, as with much of southern Lombok, is Sasak. Bahasa Indonesia is a second language and used for general and inter-tribe communication in the whole of Indonesia.

Gili Gede