Studentlife – back to Uni

Back in class.

It’s a strange feeling to sit in a classroom again, learning a new language. It is very exciting, but not easy, for this language takes a lot of patience and you can’t give up. Every morning I try to order my coffee in Bahasa Indonesia. I get a funny look, I get laughed about or laughed at, but still they understand me and I get a coffee!

Still, it’s an embarrassing moment, I want to be able to do it!

As MamáCalor I have learned not to give up and dream… I will one day live in this language and that gives me strength for today.


Mamá Calor goes online!

It all started 10 years ago.

Searching for myself, I was drawn to London, the city that never sleeps. London is a city to fall in love with, where you can get every desire fulfilled and still ask for more. But, captivated by this love, my relationship with this city has changed over time. Like any relationship that drifts apart, my relationship with London evolved into somewhat of a love-hate relationship.

London was my first great love – I had an affair with Spain in the meantime, but my heart kept returning to London. I just couldn’t get enough of that town. Now, finally, after 10 years, I have ended my relationship with London and dared to embark on an uncertain new adventure… a new relationship. Perhaps the second love?

My new adventure has taken me to Indonesia – who’d have thought I would end up here? 34 provinces, over 13,000 islands, 700 national languages.

I’m part of this country now. My relationship with Indonesia is only one month old, but I can say already that I’ve fallen in love with every facet of it … I have butterflies in my stomach again! I cannot get enough of Indonesia and I want more. Every morning I long for the sun to kiss my skin and for the warmth to touch my heart.